Don’t sponsor the wrong thing

03 Sponsorships & Donations

Sponsorships and donations are a great way of developing our business and supporting the societies in which we operate. We're careful to always plan and operate these ethically, in a way that supports our business objectives and creates social value.

Three key things


Never promise a sponsorship or donation without following the approval process


Always evaluate the sponsorship from a reputation and corruption risk perspective


Base sponsorship decisions on a long term strategy and plan


Sponsorship is cash or other support of an activity in exchange for advertising or for the right to participate in a charity event.

Donations are cash gifts to charities for which no services are received in return.

Do the right thing

Our support should always be:

  • Consistent with our business and sustainability strategy
  • Assessed from a reputation and corruption risk profile
  • Documented and followed up
  • Possible to communicate in public

Our support should never be given:

  • Related to political support, or conducted in a way that can be interpreted as political payment or bribery
  • In connection to a business deal
  • To individuals
  • To organizations, activities or events believed to be unethical or discriminating
  • To religious or military activities
  • To activities that have a significant negative impact on the environment
  • Plan sponsorship and donations activities carefully as part of an annual program
  • Think long term and follow our business and sustainability strategy
  • Follow the due care process when assessing the recipients of support and consider the risks of corruption
  • Document every step of the sponsorship
  • Track the recipient's use of funds against pre-defined targets and metrics
  • Never use sponsorships and donations as a way to influence business processes with an individual customer

In practice

I'm in a contract negotiation. The potential customer says we will get the contract if we sponsor their event.

You should politely decline the offer. We never use sponsorship and donations to influence the process of gaining or retaining business with an individual customer.

I'm asked by someone I know to sponsor an event that could be relevant to our business.

Never promise a sponsorship or donation without following the relevant process. You can refer to our policy and let them know we only sponsor activities within certain areas, to make sure they have a positive impact on our business or society, or both.

My manager asks me to provide financial support to their child's football team.

Always ask your colleagues responsible for marketing, sponsorships and donations to assess each request. Be sure to follow the proper decision process before making any payment.

What if an important politician asks for financial support for his party?

We never give political contributions or support that can be interpreted as a political payment or bribery – refer the requester to our policy.

Find out more

For more information, see our Anti-Bribery and Corruption Group Policy.

You can raise concerns or report potential misconduct through our secure web portal – Speak-Up Line.

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