Don’t do insider trading

08 Insider trading

Ethical behavior helps to support an efficient capital market. We always pursue the highest ethical standards with respect to insider information.

Three key things


Protect confidential business information


Don't trade shares while in possession of insider information


Don't mislead others with inaccurate information


Insider information is information that, if made public, is likely to have a significant effect on the value of shares or other securities.

Insider trading is the use of insider information to trade shares or other securities, or the sharing of information with others who might use it to trade.

Do the right thing

We take great care to protect confidential business information, especially when its disclosure could influence the share price of Telia or another company.

It's important to never:

  • Reveal confidential business information
  • Buy or sell shares and other securities in any company while in possession of insider information
  • Disclose insider information, even if accidentally obtained, to unauthorized people
  • Spread rumors or mislead others with inaccurate information

These rules apply even after you stop working at Telia Company. Insider trading is in most countries illegal.

In practice

I've overheard someone say we are planning to acquire a strategic supplier. I expect the supplier's share price to increase once this news is announced. Can I purchase shares in the supplier?

You must not buy the shares, or tip someone else off about the plans. Trading based on insider information is illegal, whether the shares are of Telia Company or a supplier.

Find out more

For more information, see our Group Policy - Inside Information and Insider Trading , including information about reporting duties and trading bans.

You can also raise questions or concerns about potential misconduct with your Legal Affairs contact.

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