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17 Environmental responsibility

Climate change and the unsustainable use of natural resources are two of the most pressing issues of our time. Through our Daring Goals Telia Company is committed to Zero CO2 in the value chain, Zero waste within our own operations and networks, through 100 % action by 2030.

We will operate and design our networks and deliver our services for minimal environmental impact. We also help our customers and request our suppliers to reduce their impact on the environment.

Three key things


Identify opportunities to reduce energy use, CO2 emissions and waste


Reducing our environmental impact supports our business


Assess and address the environmental impact of your business decisions


Environmental impact is the effect on the environment resulting from a product or a service. The impact should be considered for the whole life cycle of the product – from production to use to end of life treatment.

Greenhouse gases causes global warming and consequently climate change. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most material greenhouse gas for Telia Company’s operations and value chain.

Do the right thing

When looking at Telia Company’s own operations, key areas to address are energy use, CO2 emissions, electronic waste and business travel. We will reduce our impacts by:

  • improving energy efficiency of networks and operations
  • using renewable electricity
  • moving towards a circular business model by preventing waste and increasing re-use and recycling
  • choosing virtual meetings and selecting environmentally-friendly options when travelling.

We also generate positive impact by developing and delivering products and services that help our customers reduce their environmental impact, such as IoT, cloud and crowd insights solutions that lead to more efficient use of natural resources.

When looking at the total value chain most of the emissions come from our supply chain. We require our suppliers to reduce their emissions and evaluate them in our procurement process through selection criteria that supports the Daring Goals.

  • Assess and address the environmental impact of business decisions as well as your daily ways of working.
  • Look for opportunities to help our consumers and business customers to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Apply the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – both within Telia Company and in business offerings.

In practice

How does environmental responsibility help reduce our costs?

Resources like electricity, diesel and raw materials are not free – if we use less, we reduce our costs. Offerings that help our customers reduce their environmental impacts also generate revenues for us as a company.

What does environmental responsibility mean for everyday work?

We are implementing the ISO 14001 environmental management system – it's often a requirement in tenders and is a great tool for managing environmental impacts in a structured way. This means we constantly evaluate and set targets for our major environmental impacts, including energy efficiency, emissions and how we manage electronic waste.

What can I tell a customer who asks if our services are environmentally friendly?

Our own carbon footprint is very low, mainly because we purchase renewable electricity in our core markets. We are on a journey towards zero to address remaining CO2 emissions in our value chain and waste related to our networks and operations.

Our products and services help both consumers and business customers to reduce their environmental impact for example through remote meeting options and smarter use of natural resources through cloud and IoT solutions.

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