Don’t favor family

02 Conflict of interest

To give our customers the best possible service, we make sure all our decisions can be taken independently of private interests or divided loyalties. We do this by actively avoiding or mitigating situations that create potential or perceived conflict of interest with our business activities.

Three key things


Avoid situations that may compromise – or may appear to compromise – your decision making


Inform your manager of any potential conflicts of interest involving yourself or others


Don't give preferential treatment to personal contacts such as friends or family


A conflict of interest exists when financial or other personal incentives influence – or may appear to influence – an employee's professional performance.

Do the right thing

  • Employees must not make personal gain from business transactions
  • Procurement decision processes must be fair and transparent
  • Non-public information obtained through our work must not be used to gain personal advantage
  • Tell your manager if you are aware of a potential conflict of interest
  • Keep a professional relationship with suppliers and business partners, avoiding over-familiarity
  • Avoid situations that might create suspicion of preferential treatment
  • Don't give preferential treatment to personal contacts such as family or friends
  • Don't participate in decision-making that creates, or can be perceived to create, a conflict of interest
  • Make sure you obtain written approval before becoming a board member, employee or consultant of an external business, high profile non-profit or similar organization
  • You can take part in activities outside your normal job but tell your manager if it creates a potential, or perceived, conflict of interest

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have any conflict of interest to disclose?
  • Can your personal relationships influence business decisions?
  • Does your role include any decision-making authority over family members or close friends?

In practice

My husband is part-owner of a company that is being considered as a supplier to Telia Company. Is this appropriate?

It is OK for family members or other close relations to be suppliers. However, you need to remove yourself from this conflict of interest situation by declaring the relationship and not participating in the procurement or execution processes.

My neighbor is a supplier to Telia and has invited me to stay at their summerhouse for the weekend. Can I go?

It is OK to go provided we aren't in the middle of negotiations with the supplier and provided you don't have a role that could create an impression of preferential treatment.

My cousin recently graduated and is looking for a job. We have relevant positions open and she's asked me to help her secure one. What should I do?

Direct your cousin to our website where she can apply online. You can also advise her to call the contact given on the website, to follow up on her application.

Find out more

For more information, see our Anti-Bribery and Corruption Group Policy.

You can raise concerns or report potential conflicts of interest through our secure web portal, Speak-Up Line. If you are unsure what to do, speak with Group Ethics and Compliance or your local Ethics and Compliance Officer.

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