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10 Communications & Media

We communicate openly, in ways that reflect our shared values. By doing this consistently we can build and maintain a strong public brand image that supports our business activities.

Three key things


Our communications should be proactive, transparent, straightforward, relevant and service-minded


Act with care and responsibility when posting online


Treat internal communications going to a wider group as if they are public

Do the right thing

All of our communications should be proactive, transparent, straightforward, relevant and service-minded.

We provide all information in accordance with local laws, and the rules and established practices governing companies listed on the stock exchange(s).

  • Treat internal communications that will go to a wider group of employees with the same care as public communications
  • Keep yourself informed about issues relevant to your work
  • Act responsibly online, using your common sense – you're personally responsible for the content you publish on blogs, tweets, wikis or other forms of social media
  • Review what you have written – if it makes you even slightly uncomfortable, maybe sleep on it before publishing?
  • Never talk about revenues, future products, pricing decisions, unannounced financial results or other confidential matters

In practice

What is appropriate content for my work on social media?

Talk to your manager, a communications officer or Human Resources – they can help in deciding.

A journalist calls unexpectedly and wants to ask me some questions. What should I do?

Take their contact details and offer to call back soon. Then talk with a press officer and decide together how to respond.

What should I do if I notice irregularities that could be interesting to the media?

Contact your manager or press/communications officer immediately so the problem can be addressed. You can also report violations against the code through the Speak-Up Line.

Find out more

For more information, see our Group Policy - Communication. You can also speak with your communications officer.

For more information regarding independent journalism and publishing, please refer to our Group Policy – Media Owner Commitments.

You can raise any concerns or report potential misconduct through our secure web portal – Speak-Up Line.

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