Why do we have a Code of Responsible Business Conduct?


That doesn't mean we're a new company – it's precisely our history, heritage, experience and knowledge that are the foundation for all the exciting things we're about to do.

Having been through both good times and challenging times together, we know that how we do things is truly as important as what we do. We've created this Code of Responsible Business Conduct to help us all act in a way that builds a company we can be proud of: a Telia Company that takes responsibility for doing things right, a Telia Company that's respectful of society and the environment. A Telia Company that contributes to a better world, while bringing that world closer.

Mikael Karlsson
Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

What does it do?

Our Code of Responsible Business Conduct gives you high level guidance on our framework of policies and instructions and helps us create a Telia way of doing.

Who does it affect?

It's a binding policy that applies to all of us – employees, directors and members of the boards. All contractors, consultants and free-lancers working as part of our operations must also follow the Code.

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Set expectations

You're expected to:

  • Read understand and follow our Code of Responsible Business Conduct, Policies, Instructions and Guidelines, as well as all relevant local laws
  • Be transparent in any decisions and actions you take
  • Not misuse use your position, company assets or deals for private gain
  • Speak up and report any concerns or violations of our policies
  • Ask your manager or Ethics and Compliance Officer if you are unsure how to act
  • Report to your manager and/or the Group Ethics and Compliance team if you feel at all threatened with personal danger or harm, or are forced to violate our principles

In addition to the expectations for employees, you're expected to:

  • Promote a culture of openness and integrity
  • Take the time to discuss and reflect on the areas of our Code of Responsible Business Conduct that are specifically relevant to your team
  • Create an environment where your team feels comfortable about raising concerns
  • Listen carefully and try to answer any questions or concerns related to the Code of Responsible Business Conduct
  • Seek help from the available resources if you need to address questions or concerns
  • Act immediately if you're aware of potential breaches of the Code of Responsible Business Conduct

Our purpose and values

To grow our business and stay inspired in our work we must be truly relevant to our customers. Our ambition is to take Telia to the next level – to become a New Generation Telco.

Our purpose shows how we will get there. Bringing the world closer.

Our shared values – Dare, Care and Simplify – guide how we act and behave on a day-to-day basis.

The values require us to dare to speak up by expressing our opinions and concerns. They require us to care about each other by being supportive, respectful and honest. And they require us to care about our world by acting responsibly, in line with our ethical standards.

Being a responsible business means respecting and supporting international standards on human rights, labor conditions, the environment and anti-corruption. As such we observe a number of international declarations, conventions and guidelines. These include The United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The Core Conventions of the International Labor Organization, The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, The United Nations' Global Compact, The United Nations' Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and The Children's Rights and Business Principles.

These international standards form the foundation for the Code of Responsible Business Conduct and our framework of policies and instructions.

Speaking up

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Stand up for what's right

We support a culture that encourages every individual to speak freely – a culture that safeguards human rights, employee dignity, and health and safety. We provide a safe, secure and confidential way to express concerns and questions when the usual ways are unavailable or inappropriate.

How do I do the right thing

Always react quickly if you suspect or witness non-compliance with respect to our Code.

If you have concerns about the potential misconduct of a supplier, customer or other business partner, or about how we conduct business within Telia, you should reach out initially to your manager, HR, Group Ethics and Compliance or your local Ethics and compliance officer. If you have a more serious concern, you can also use the Speak-Up Line.