Don’t endanger yourself or others

13 Occupational Health & Safety

Most accidents, incidents, injuries, work-related illnesses, and unsafe acts and conditions are preventable. We want to protect and improve the health and safety of everyone who works for or with us, everywhere we operate.

Three key things


A healthy and safe workplace is everybody’s responsibility


It’s about more than preventing accidents


Think about what issues exist in your team

Do the right thing

We offer and maintain a healthy and safe working environment that meets or exceeds global standards and national legislation.

But a healthy and safe workplace is not only about preventing accidents:

  • Both physical and psycho-social wellbeing are important
  • We prioritize work processes, design of service, and working methods that reduce the negative impact on the individual
  • Safety must always be the most important factor when making a decision

A healthy and safe work environment is everybody’s responsibility, so it’s important you understand and follow the safety rules and routines by:

  • Taking personal responsibility for your own health and safety
  • Contributing to a safe working environment
  • Halting and reporting unsafe situations, without putting yourself or others in danger

In practice

To keep health and safety top of mind, ask yourself and your team these questions:

  • Do we have an everyday health and safety culture in our team? How well does it work? How can we make it better?
  • How does a healthy work environment contribute to our business?
  • What kind of health and safety risks do we have in our team?
  • Do we have a plan to identify, prevent and correct risks?
  • Do we know how to report a near miss, incident or work injury?
  • How can we promote good health and wellbeing in our team?

Find out more

For more information, see our People Policy.

You can raise any concerns or report potential health and safety issues through our secure web portal - Speak-Up Line.

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