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17 Environmental responsibility

We design our networks and deliver our services for minimal environmental impact. We also help our customers and suppliers to reduce their impact on the environment.

Three key things


Look for opportunities to reduce energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and waste


Reducing our environmental impact can also help us reduce costs


Consider the environmental impact of your business decisions


Environmental impact is the effect on the environment resulting from a product or a service. The impact should be considered for the whole life cycle of the product – from production to use to end of life treatment.

Greenhouse gas emissions are the gases that cause global warming. These should be kept at a minimum.

Do the right thing

Our key environmental impacts are energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and electronic waste. We can reduce these impacts by:

  • Building energy efficient networks, minimizing and recycling waste properly
  • Using renewable energy such as “green electricity” and solar power when possible
  • Using less fossil fuels; that is diesel, gasoline and natural gas
  • Developing and delivering services that help our customers reduce their environmental impact
  • Buying only from environmentally responsible suppliers
  • Travel by train or commuting instead of flying or going by car
  • Consider the short and long-term environmental impact of your business decisions (– the cheapest solution is often not the best from an environmental perspective)
  • Reduce – Reuse – Recycle, by using less paper and electricity, reusing equipment and recycling waste
  • Plan to use virtual collaboration first, to avoid the environmental impact and expense of travel. If you need to travel, consider train or commuting instead of flying or going by car.

In practice

How does environmental responsibility help reduce our costs?

Resources like electricity, gasoline and diesel are not free – if we use less, we reduce our costs. If we reduce waste this means lower costs for waste management. By improving the recycling of waste, we improve the possibility of reusing and reselling things like handsets that customers hand in to us.

What does environmental responsibility mean for everyday work?

We are implementing the ISO 14001 environmental management system – it's often a requirement in tenders and is a great tool for managing environmental impacts in a structured way. This means we constantly evaluate and set targets for our major environmental impacts, including energy efficiency, emissions and how we manage electronic waste.

What can I tell a customer who asks if our services are environmentally friendly?

Our services help both consumers and business customers to interact remotely, with less environmental impact than travel. They also enable smarter ways of working, and more efficient processes with lower environmental impact. Our carbon footprint is very low, mainly because we purchase “green electricity” in Sweden and region Europe. We do not have a “green portfolio” – all our services are green.

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